What To Do After A Hike in Australia

Time to eat and drink.  The rewards of hike Down Under!


I recently visited Australia and my host and great friend Marilyn, wanted to show me her beautiful adopted country.  No problem, however, it wasn’t easy keeping up with my very fit friend!  Thank goodness for the spectacular views!


Of course, after the hike, it was time for refreshments!  I know…now we’re talking!

img_0654Don’t worry, that was just a taster of an Australian beer for me.  Yep, liked it.

If I see oysters on a menu, I’m all in.  And these were so fresh I felt they came right out of the ocean in the photo above.  Maybe they did!


Another seafood I cannot get enough of is squid, aka calamari.  I know these look like onion rings!!!  This is not trick photography.  They really were this big!!  And delicious!  Ah Australia!


I’ll hike all day for food like this!

Gold Coast of Australia.  One hour north of Brisbane.  Put it on your bucket list.


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