Quick Tips #2

Salad greens are fragile and can easily be damaged.  When washing them never hold them directly under a running faucet.  Always dip and wash them carefully in a large bowl of water and lift out onto paper towels to dry.

To remove the odor of raw fish from hands, utensils, and cutting boards, rub with a cut half-lemon.  If you are using fresh lemon juice in a dish, once you have squeezed out the juice you can save the lemon halves for this purpose.

If you only need to add a little of any ingredient to a recipe, never pour straight into the bowl or pan.  Always measure out into a spoon first so that you can’t overdo it by mistake.

It’s always disappointing when an egg breaks in the pan.  Stick a pin into the large end of a raw egg to make a very small hole from which air can escape.  This will prevent the egg from cracking during boiling.