Tortured Orchard’s Sweet Apple Blush

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Tonight I had a craving for ice cream…nothing new there, but I wanted something different to top my good old vanilla flavor.  I’ve been harboring TORTURED ORCHARD’s SWEET APPLE BLUSH for quite a while now because I wanted to first try it in crepes, however, I am not a milk drinker and you need milk to make crepes so I constantly forgot to add that to the grocery list in my mind (don’t try this at home…doesn’t work), so what’s a girl to do but break out the ice cream!  Oh yeah!  Vanilla ice cream and TORTURED ORCHARD’s Sweet Apple Blush get along just fine!  Oh yeah!

TORUTURED ORCHARD also suggests using their Sweet Apple Blush with pancakes, waffles, on toast, or with veal, chicken or pork.  I plan to try them all, and of course with crepes.   I will get back to you soon with more delicious ways to use this great sauce.

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Author: hrh_thechef