My Top 10 Beef Cuts for Grilling


1.   The Porterhouse Steak is cconsidered the “King of Steaks”, because it is actually two steaks in one. One side is a New York Strip, and the other side is a large sized filet mignon.   It is perfect grilled but can also be broiled, sautéed or pan-fried.

2.  T –Bone steak is named for its T-shaped bone.  It is the same as the Porterhouse, yet with a smaller portion of the filet mignon.   Best grilled, or broiled only to medium rare, as the meat near the bone cooks more slowly than other parts of the steak.

3.  The Ribeye is a favorite of steak lovers being well marbled, which allows it to be tender and juicy.  These steaks are cut from the same piece of meat used for prime rib.  Should be cooked quickly by grilling, broiling or frying.

4.  Filet Mignon is the tenderest steak available, although not the most flavorful since it does not have a bone attached.  To add flavor, it is often cooked wrapped in bacon, or served with a sauce.  Best cooked quickly by broiling, grilling or sautéing.

5.  New York Strip steak is a steakhouse classic and great for all occasions.  It has an excellent amount of marbling, is tender, and full flavored.  Ideal for grilling.

6.  Top Sirloin is a relatively lean cut. It is often marinated to help tenderize it.  A good choice for cutting into cubes, and skewering with vegetables for grilling.

7.  Flank Steak is not technically a steak but is a very popular cut of beef.  It has a good deal of connective tissue, which gives it great flavor, but also makes it less tender.  It is usually marinated before being broiled or grilled.  Flank steak is always served cut across the grain in thin slices.

8.  Hangar Steak is not particularly tender, but has a lot of flavor.  It is best marinated and cooked quickly over high heat by grilling or broiling, and served rare or medium rare, to avoid toughness. 

9.  Flat iron steaks are a top blade steak derived from the tender top blade roast. Considered by many as the finest cut of beef available. Best grilled or broiled.

10. Tri-T tip is most popular in the Central Coast region of California, but is increasing popularity  elsewhere because of its full flavor, lower fat content, and comparatively lower cost.  It is great grilled, or marinated and then grilled.

An interview with my 8-year-old friend Aubrey

aubrey1I am always interested in what other people think or like about food. So, I asked my good friend, Aubrey, one of the coolest dudes I know, a few questions.   Here are his answers.

What’s your favorite food?  Pizza

What’s your favorite special treat?  Brownies

I know you are a martial artist, so what do you eat to make you
strong?  Steak

Have you ever grown any of your own food?  If yes, what?   Squash,
tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce, corn, and lemons.

What’s your favorite desert?  Ice cream

Do you cook? If yes, what? If no, why not?   I make quesadillas,
nachos, pizza, cookies, scones, and cake.

What’s your favorite restaurant?  What do you order to eat there?
Versailles. #2 Plate, fried chunk of pork with rice, black beans, and
plantains.  Flan for desert.

Have you ever had a food fight?  Yes.

Do you ever feed your cat under the table?   (I won’t tell anybody if you do!)    No.

Thanks, Aubrey!