Quick Bites

Did you know that peanuts are actually legumes, not nuts?  So it is of the plant species, therefore not junk food but good for you!  But they are high in fat, so not so good by the handfuls. 

‘Tis the season for Schnapps!  The word “Schnapps” is of German origin, meaning “mouthful”.  My interpretation of that is “SHOOTERS”!  And since it is made from grains or potatoes, it must be good for you.  (Please note: I am not o doctor or a nutritionist, just a drinker looking for excuses). 

My favorite herb is Sage, and since many of us use it around the winter holidays I though you would like to know that this Mediterranean herb is not only used for culinary reasons but also for its healing powers.  The Latin derivative “salvus” means “safe”.  To me that means, have some sage with your peanuts and Schnapps just to be safe.  (Just trying to look out for you.)

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