Leek as an Onion Substitute

Last week I was talking to my friend, Karla, about a client of mine who doesn’t like onion. How can I possibly cook without onion? I’ve cooked with leek many times before, but never have needed an onion substitute. Karla told me when her sister-in-law, who is not an onion lover visits, she replaces onion […]

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  June 7, 2009   3 comments

Restaurant review; BAR FOOD

Found a great new place to go for drinks and small plates; BAR FOOD, opened March 17th, St. Paddy’s Day, which is very appropriate since owner/chef, Jason Killalee, hails from Dublin, Ireland.   It opens every afternoon at 5pm, and serves free hot dogs (usually $2) until 6pm—I think.  At least my friend Helen and I […]

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  May 6, 2009   4 comments

Appetizers for 150

I just made appetizers for a party of 150 people! It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. My friend Carol helped me prepare seven different dishes; a fruit and cheese platter, two chicken dishes, cucumber cups, salad skewers, quesadillas, and brownies. Didn’t have much left, so I guess they liked […]

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  April 25, 2009   6 comments

Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles

Take a look at this beautiful kitchen remodel of my friends home in Los Angeles, CA.  It was created with their innate design talent to accommodate not only their love of cooking, but also for their enjoyment (and gift, if I do say so myself) of entertaining.   Because of the spacious, roomy floor plan and with […]

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  April 16, 2009   1 comment

Sur La Table Easter Specials!

That great store, Sur La Table,is having an Easter Special through April 12th!  Click on the link on this page (on the lower right of this article) to peruse, enjoy, and purchase! Sur La Table – Easter Collection Basket Full of Goodies.  Charming décor, gifts and bakeware help fill the home with delightful treats for an […]

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  April 10, 2009   No comments

What is “Smoke Point”?

Smoke point refers to the stage at which heated oil reaches its limit and starts to smoke.  After that point, the oil is no longer useable for cooking because it will make food smell and taste unpleasant.   An oil’s smoke point is determined by how it was processed and the additives that it contains.  […]

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  March 28, 2009   3 comments

Meatloaf I Actually Like!

My most hated supper when I was growing up was MEATLOAF! Hated it! And by the way, I never use the word “hate”. To me it’s just a four letter, bad word. But meatloaf (I’ll call it ML from now on) just made me want to cry and throw a tantrum (please no comments from […]

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  March 21, 2009   3 comments

A Favorite Quote

Here’s a quote from the very, very funny writer Erma Bombeck, who made so many of us laugh everday back in the 1970’s (the olden days!). She was brilliant. “It is ludicrous to read the microwave direction on the boxes of food you buy, as each one will have a disclaimer: “THIS WILL VARY WITH […]

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  March 18, 2009   No comments

Grains of Paradise ??

I learned something new today! I was watching the Food Network (my addiction) this morning, and a guest chef on Bobby Flay’s show brought some Grains of paradise spice for his jerk marinade. I had never heard if it before, and here is what I found out. Grains of paradise is a small reddish-brown, round […]

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  February 15, 2009   2 comments