French Dressing…Homemade Quick and Easy

When I was a kid I really didn’t care much for French salad dressing.  I must not have known it was made with ketchup; otherwise I would surely have loved it!    Maybe it was that I just didn’t like the ‘store bought’ type (or because my sister liked it, which is a very good […]

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  November 16, 2009   No comments

Pot Stickers 101…sort of!

I love Pot stickers; however, I have never made them before.  I’d rather not admit it, but it took me three tries to get it right!  Maybe it’s because I lost my wok in a move a couple of years ago, so I used my old faithful non-stick skillet.  But that really is just an […]

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  October 31, 2009   No comments

Zanzibar, the Spice Island

This past summer my friend, Jeannie O’Neill, spent a month in Africa.  She was nice enough to share these photos.  One is a dish from Freddy Mercury’s in Stonetown, and the others are of an open market. Zanzibar is part of the United Republic of Tanzania, in East Africa.  It is the most widely known […]

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Braised Short Ribs, one of my favorite recipes

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite recipes.  I noticed today that my local market had short ribs on special, and since I’m always looking for a deal,I bought some for myself and my client. The following recipe is for four people, however, I usually cook for two.  I have made this several […]

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Chinese Cuisine, a little background

In Chinese culture it is important to find balance and harmony in every aspect of life, including food.   And good cuisine has much the same effect of Chinese medicine, as in prolonging life, sustaining good health, and the promotion of energy.   Chinese dishes, are meant to be simple.  The goal is to create […]

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Learning to Cook Chinese food…My Journey

Sure, I’ve made many Chinese meals, but the truth is I am just following recipes.  Now is the time to give the great art form that Chinese cuisine is its due.   I’m going to learn to cook Chinese food as it should be, with respect to tradition and culture.  To do that, I will be […]

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Lunch in Los Olivos

We all need to get away every once in a while, even if only for a day or two.  What makes it better is to coerce a friend to come along.  Christine and I have been friends ever since we cooked together years ago at Malibu Riding & Tennis Club.  Even though we live only […]

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Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Now that summer is coming to a close…yes, much too soon, I agree… you may have more ripe tomatoes than you know what to do with.  So, why not make your own ketchup?  Heinz won’t mind.   I know that when I was growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, we often had tomato plants in […]

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Baked Beans! The perfect Summertime side dish!

Since its summertime and we all are barbeque-ing, or picnicking, I just thought I would share my recipe for baked beans.  Easy to make, they go with almost anything, and everybody loves them.   Enjoy!   1 Can each of:  Great Northern beans, Kidney beans, Butter beans, Black beans 1-2 medium white onions. minced ¾ pound […]

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  July 20, 2009   3 comments

Book Review: Food Lover’s Companion

I received a copy of the Food Lover’s Companion book for Christmas a couple of years ago, and it is one of my all time favorite presents.   And this girl loves presents!  My sister gave it to me and couldn’t believe I was reading it like a novel.  Well, to me, it’s a real page […]

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  June 27, 2009   No comments