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    Kenzie’s Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

    I’m Kenzie, the birthday girl! This is my Minnie Mouse cake   These are my Minnie Mouse Cupcakes     Should I?         It’s called quality control, Uncle Jared.          Here, you try.         Mommy!  Carson!  Why are you setting fire to my Minnie Mouse cake?           Ah, this looks yummy!         Mmmm…tastes yummy, too.               Who needs a spoon?         What do you mean no ice cream!!!               Careful daddy, I just ate!              Hey, cousin Tonk!  …

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    Red Snapper Recipe with TORTURED ORCHARD Lemon Ginger Twist

    I have this great recipe of Giada De Laurentiis’s for Ginger Sea Bass over Wilted Greens that is very quick and easy to make and just tastes fantastic!  So I have been craving it lately.  Sea Bass is my favorite fish but at $22.99 per pound it isn’t often in my budget, however Red Snapper was on sale for $6.99, so I bought it and knew I could find something in my pantry…my Everyday Pantry!  to make a tasty, healthy meal.  So, when I am putting away my groceries, I see my jar of TORTURED ORCHARD Lemon Ginger Twist and think…jackpot! Now this take on the original recipe has gotten even…

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    I had a ‘happy accident’ moment with this wonderful spicy fruit sauce by TORTURED ORCHARD, http://torturedorchard.com/.   I had some chicken pieces to cook one evening and wanted to do something different with them because we all are always looking for new ways to cook chicken, aren’t we? I was reading the labels of the TORTURED ORCHARD sauces I have and thought how great a spiced pineapple flavor would work with chicken.  So I opened up the jar of SPICED PINEAPPLE ZINGER and had a taste. Yummy!   I’ll have another.  Yummier! It just keeps getting better; maybe I’ll just eat this with a spoon.  I then realized that this particular sauce…

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    TORTURED ORCHARD’S Great Seasoning Sauces!

    Here’s a new product I am really excited about; Tortured Orchard All Natural Seasoning Sauces. Check out their website at http://torturedorchard.com/. I love their byline “A SPIRITED REBELLION OF FLAVORS”.  I’ll give you a quick rundown on what I am going to be experimenting with. GOLDEN SAUCE: a mustard based pepper sauce, great for proteins and vegetables.  Another interesting suggestion of Tortured Orchard for this one is a tofu stir-fry.  I think I’m going to try that. LEMON GINGER TWIST: a sweet sauce to use as a marinade, or for a new “twist” to pasta or couscous. Also nice on fruit and ice cream!! Now were talkin’! GARLIC BALSAMIC DRIZZLE:…

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    Dinner, Theater and a Cause

    My friend Karla invited me up to Topanga Canyon, CA where she is a resident, for dinner and local outdoor theater one recent Friday evening.  It was a perfect night to be outside as the days had been hot, hot, hot. Usually in the Los Angeles area after sundown you need to put on a jacket and long pants as it cools down very quickly, unlike those great summer nights in the Midwest that I remember as a child. So the jacket I wrapped around my waist stayed there all night long under a beautiful and warm summer sky. Karla, her daughter Kayla, a really cool K I D getting…

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    Cumin-Lime Swordfish with Grape Salsa Recipe

    When I went grocery shopping the other day I knew I wanted some sort of fish with salsa, great for summertime.  Well, as usual, I’m going for what’s on sale that day.  Swordfish was that days manager’s special, so I picked up four nice looking pieces.  I didn’t want the usual salsas I make like tomato or mango salsa but something a bit different this time.  I saw that the green grapes were on sale for 88 cent per pound, and I knew I had some cherry tomatoes in the fridge, so I figured I could make something fun with those. For some inspiration, I turned to www.foodnetwork.com, one of the best…

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    Fresh Sweet Corn Tips

    Always shuck your sweetcorn at the very last minute. Pull off the silks (the hairy stuff), then strip off the husks. Boil a large pot of water, add salt…lots of salt. Reduce water to a simmer and drop in the corn cobs for 15-20 minutes. Strain the corn cobs and slather in butter and more salt. (Lower calorie alternative: don’t slather with butter but drizzle cooked cobs with olive oil and sprinkle with cilantro or parsley). Eat like there is no tomorrow!

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    Quick and Easy Kale Chip Recipe

    Making kale chips could not be easier.  For those of us who really love that salty crunch now and again… and again, they are a great alternative to regular high fat, high calorie chips…and mighty tasty!  And very inexpensive!!   So easy and fast to make.  Here you go: One bunch of kale EVOO (a Rachael Ray term for Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Salt Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Tear kale into approximately 2 inch pieces. Drizzle EVOO over kale and lightly salt. Put prepared kale onto a baking sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes. That’s it!  Could not be easier.  And oh, so tasty and very healthy.  Even your kids…

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    Barbeque Grills

    It’s time to grill!  Bar-B-Q Grills are happening now!  Here are my ideas about where to buy great grills. Steaks, burgers, dogs, chicken, sausage and don’t forget your veggies.  It’s grillin’ time. Need a little help to find that great grill?  Check out what I came up with. You cannot go wrong with a Weber for sure.  Something for everyone, so many to choose from:  http://www.weber.com/home Lowes always has great deals for your home:  http://www.lowes.com Sears is always the “go to” for many of us since we were kids: http://www.sears.com And if you like to shop online, here is my fave place, Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Grills-Fryers-Outdoor-Cooking-Living/b?ie=UTF8&node=553760. Tell me what you have or…

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