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    A Few More Food Sayings

    “Many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese – toasted mostly…”  Robert Louis Stevenson “Worries go down better with soup.”   Jewish Proverb “He was a bold man who first swallowed an oyster.”   King James I of Scotland “Unless the kettle boiling be, filling the teapot spoils the tea.”   ?  

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    Sesame Chile Tempeh with Gingered Watermelon Salsa Recipe

    This is probably one of those, “I am the last to know” situations, but I wanted to tell you about a really great cooking show that I recently discovered. I get only basic cable tv at this time, so I find some shows and channels coming through that I have never heard of before. One of those channels that I can’t get enough of is create tv. It is also online at www.createtv.com. One of the cooking shows on the channel is Christina Cooks (online at www.christinacooks.com). Christina Pirello, MFN, CCN, “creates” an entertaining show by actually teaching a class that is informative and laced with humor. I love her…

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    Quick Tips #2

    Salad greens are fragile and can easily be damaged.  When washing them never hold them directly under a running faucet.  Always dip and wash them carefully in a large bowl of water and lift out onto paper towels to dry. To remove the odor of raw fish from hands, utensils, and cutting boards, rub with a cut half-lemon.  If you are using fresh lemon juice in a dish, once you have squeezed out the juice you can save the lemon halves for this purpose. If you only need to add a little of any ingredient to a recipe, never pour straight into the bowl or pan.  Always measure out into…

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    My favorite, very easy Crepe recipe!

    I love crepes!  No matter how you pronounce it;  creps or crapes.  Just as long as they taste good. Below is my favorite recipe for basic crepes.  Use these for sweet or savory fillings.  Always good for the classic Crepes Suzette, or just with some jam or jelly for a quick treat or breakfast on the go. Crepes can be made ahead and frozen.  Just cool them then stack with a piece of plastic wrap between them and wrap with aluminum foil.  They should last for about a month in the freezer.  When you are ready to use them, thaw overnight in the refrigerator. The recipe here is for 8…

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    Food Funnies! One Liners

    These crack me up.  Enjoy! A friend got some vinegar in his ear, now he suffers from pickled hearing. Do chickens think rubber humans are funny? Each day I try to enjoy something from each of the four food groups: the bonbon group, the salty-snack group, the caffeine group, and the “whatever-the-thing-in-the-tinfoil-in-the-back-of-the-fridge-is” group.

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    Chinese Chicken Salad – Kitchen Sink Style!

    Two days ago I had a great Chinese Chicken Salad and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since.  So I decided I needed one right now!  In the fridge I had chicken thighs, butter and romaine lettuces, asparagus, an orange, sliced almonds, dried pineapple (that doesn’t happen often), and in the pantry I had chow mein noodles and the last tablespoon of a jar of sesame seeds.  That’s what I had, so that’s what I used.  If I had on hand some green onion, carrots, water chestnuts, etc… I would have added them, but this is a case of working with what you have on hand. …

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    Tortured Orchard’s Sweet Apple Blush

    Tonight I had a craving for ice cream…nothing new there, but I wanted something different to top my good old vanilla flavor.  I’ve been harboring TORTURED ORCHARD’s SWEET APPLE BLUSH for quite a while now because I wanted to first try it in crepes, however, I am not a milk drinker and you need milk to make crepes so I constantly forgot to add that to the grocery list in my mind (don’t try this at home…doesn’t work), so what’s a girl to do but break out the ice cream!  Oh yeah!  Vanilla ice cream and TORTURED ORCHARD’s Sweet Apple Blush get along just fine!  Oh yeah! TORUTURED ORCHARD also…

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    This powerfully tasteful mustard pepper sauce may be my favorite of TORTURED ORCHARDS many great sauces so far!  And it is so complete with flavor that as a marinade for your protein you don’t need anything else.  It could not be more quick and easy to make a palate pleasing plate (how about that alliteration?) with GOLDEN SAUCE.  Just add veggies!   I’m not big on marinating for hours and hours because I feel it changes the integrity of the protein, and whenever there is an acid involved (vinegar here), it actually will begin to “cook” your protein.  Not everyone agrees with that but it is what I was taught…

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