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Garlic…for cooking…for your health!

Garlic, sometimes called the stinking rose, is one of the most popular ingredients in the world not only for its flavor, but because it has been considered medicinal as far back to the Egyptian slaves who built the pyramids.


They were fed garlic because it was believed to provide prolonged, physical strength. The Greeks and Romans fed it to their sailors, soldiers, and peasants to ward off the harmful effects of the sun’s heat. Today’s health benefits are believed to include; prevention of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, intestinal worms (one of my big worries!), and the common cold, among others.

When choosing garlic, pick large, firm, round bulbs with dry white skin. A bit of blue or red color is fine, too. Do not choose soft, shriveling, or sprouting cloves, which are signs of aging.

Store garlic uncovered, in a cool, dark place for up to two months.

The flavor of garlic is best released when crushed, chopped, minced, pressed or mashed before cooking.

Be careful when sautéing, as burnt garlic has a harsh, acrid taste. If you accidentally burn it, throw it out and start over again, its not expensive stuff. Roasted garlic is great for, mashed potatoes, dressings, pasta sauce, seasoning meats, or spreading on sandwiches or crostini.

I can’t cook, therefore live, without it!

One Comment

  • Terry

    I knew I was eating ‘something’ that was good for me. I guess this is why I have never had intestinal worms. But I might ask for my money back the next time I get the common cold.

    Good info about how to choose it. I thought if it was sprouting that was a good thing. Guess not, now I know.

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