Super Bowl Food! Chicken Wings Three ways!

It’s Super Bowl time again!!  One of the favorite foods for anyone’s game time spread is chicken wings!  Below you will find three easy and tasty recipes for wings.  Try one or all three.   These chicken wings can be served hot or at room temperature, but always with lots of napkins. All recipes are for […]

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  February 1, 2011   No comments

Recipe for Turkey Sheppard’s Pie

Making one dish meals like Sheppard’s Pie is quick, easy and economical.  I make this one with turkey instead of the usual beef because I like to save my “beef days” for a big, juicy steak!  So in this recipe you can still get your meat and potato fix, just with lower calorie, lower fat […]

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  January 22, 2011   No comments

Spinach and Mushroom Risotto Recipe

I made this fantastic Spinach and Mushroom Risotto recipe the other day and wanted to share it with you! Risotto is made with the short-grain Italian rice Arborio, using the technique of gradually stirring hot stock into a mixture of rice and onion to create a creamy and chewy consistency.  The broth can be meat, fish, […]

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  October 29, 2010   No comments

Recipe for Mustard Baked Beef Ribs

I’m always looking for a new way to prepare beef ribs instead of with good ol’ BBQ sauce, which I love, but every once in a while I want something different.  Over the last several years I have become a big lover of mustard, one of those things I just hated as a little kid! […]

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  April 15, 2010   3 comments

Pasta di Olive – Black Olive Paste

  Try this versatile olive paste.  Use it as a pizza base, in a tomato pasta sauce or on toasted ciabatta.  It’s also great added to a vinaigrette. 1 Cup black olives, pitted and chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 4 Tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped 1 Tablespoon fresh thyme, chopped 5 Tablespoons of Olive Oil Fresh […]

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  January 27, 2010   1 comment

Taquito Turkey Leftovers

This recipe was originally created with cooked chicken, but it works just as well with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.  Even a little bit less in calories, not only because of the turkey, but also because these taquitos are baked, not fried. I serve these for lunch (also easily re-heated to take to work), or dinner […]

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  November 28, 2009   No comments

French Dressing…Homemade Quick and Easy

When I was a kid I really didn’t care much for French salad dressing.  I must not have known it was made with ketchup; otherwise I would surely have loved it!    Maybe it was that I just didn’t like the ‘store bought’ type (or because my sister liked it, which is a very good […]

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Braised Short Ribs, one of my favorite recipes

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite recipes.  I noticed today that my local market had short ribs on special, and since I’m always looking for a deal,I bought some for myself and my client. The following recipe is for four people, however, I usually cook for two.  I have made this several […]

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  September 29, 2009   No comments

Homemade Ketchup Recipe

Now that summer is coming to a close…yes, much too soon, I agree… you may have more ripe tomatoes than you know what to do with.  So, why not make your own ketchup?  Heinz won’t mind.   I know that when I was growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, we often had tomato plants in […]

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  August 12, 2009   No comments