Kenzie’s Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

I’m Kenzie, the birthday girl!

This is my Minnie Mouse cake


These are my Minnie Mouse Cupcakes    

Should I?





It’s called quality control, Uncle Jared. 





Here, you try.





Mommy!  Carson!  Why are you setting fire to my Minnie Mouse cake?






Ah, this looks yummy!





Mmmm…tastes yummy, too.  







Who needs a spoon?  



What do you mean no ice cream!!!  







Careful daddy, I just ate! 







Hey, cousin Tonk!





Wanna come to my party, Tonk?





I’ll get you some cake if you come.  





Here’s the plan, keep your head down, don’t look
anybody in the eye.





Happy Birthday to me!

Photos by Aunt Sara


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